EPISODE ONE: Layla Bailey (Catherine Dee Holly) and Desi West (Fray Forde) are a millennial couple who live a nice, comfortable life in LA. When Layla's Pop-Pop passes, the two head to Layla's hometown, Gaffney, SC, to spend three days with her family and try to make it out alive.

EPISODE TWO: Layla, Rory, and Katie-Rose take a break from cleaning up Pop-Pop's house to play some bingo. But tensions to rise quickly between Layla and Katie-Rose. Meanwhile, Desi babysits the kids and learns a secret from Layla's past.

EPISODE THREE: Layla and Rory make up after the funeral with a couple of bottles of moonshine. But things go awry when Layla finally confronts Katie-Rose. Meanwhile, things take a sharp turn when Desi plays a game of "Toss The Knife" with Rory.